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Fortnite - Snowmando brings his Operation Snowdown to the island

Published: 15:20, 18 December 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite - Operation Snowdown
Fortnite - Operation Snowdown

Snowmando and his self-titled mission: Operation Snowdown are now live in Fortnite. The event will go on until January 5, 2021, and offer up some free rewards, outfits and more.

Fortnite's holiday bash(ing) is kicking off with Snowmando and his self-titled mission: Operation Snowdown.

The holiday event will start on December 18 and go on until January 5, 2021. You will be able to complete Snowmando’s Quests for free Outfits and more, fly planes through the chilly skies, play fan-favourite LTMs, and enjoy the snowy scenery.

Snowmando's quests and free rewards 

Over the course of Operation Snowdown, Snowmando will offer Quests you can complete for free rewards, including the perfectly-wrapped Shield Surprise Back Bling, the snowglobe-topped Frosty Globes Pickaxe, as well as Gliders, Wraps, another Back Bling and Pickaxe, and more.

If you complete nine Operation Snowdown Quests, you’ll unlock the Snowmando Outfit, and if you complete twelve, you’ll unlock the winter-inspired Frost Squad Outfit. Both Outfits are free.  

Throwback rewards

Snowmando has brought in some wintery items from his past. 

Take to the skies in Snowmando’s custom X-4 Stormwing planes, and while grounded, disguise yourself as an ordinary snowman with Sneaky Snowmandos, cause cold feet with Chiller Grenades, and gift yourself loot with Snowmando-wrapped Presents. 

Rotating and Shuffling LTMs

Operation Snowdown will feature a rotation of returning LTMs, including the fan-favourite Air Royale, as well as the brand new Shockwave LTM, which sees players compete to knock each other into the (extra-strong) Storm as it shrinks down to oblivion. Also, experience the Pickaxe Frenzy mode in LTM form for the first time.

You can also play these LTMs via the Snowdown Shuffle, a playlist that’ll put you in one of the modes chosen at random.

New and returning holiday outfits

Operation Snowdown will include new holiday Outfits in the Item Shop plus holiday-themed Outfits from seasons’ past. 

From now until January 5 at 2:00 p.m. GMT, the carolling Sing-Along Emote will be available for free in the Item Shop. Players who purchased it previously will have the V-Bucks they spent returned to them.

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