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Fortnite's rifts are getting bigger, did Epic crack Fortniteland?

Published: 18:51, 02 July 2018
Epic Games
A mysterious crack that appeared on the sky in Fortnite

So what's cracking down at Lonely Lodge? Well, reality apparently, as a rift similar to the one that appeared on Fortnite's sky seems to be cracking open on a Lonely Lodge bungalow. Season 5 draws closer and Epic are up to something. Again.

Having been alerted to the launch by appearing on TVs and in the villain lair, players followed Fortnite's the launch closely. Epic even threw in a pretty clever gimmick, having a section of the rocket fall back to earth, although nothing was there once they cracked it open. Bummer, right?

What was left though was a huge crack in Fortnite's sky and it kept getting bigger ever since. Seeing as how these things are deceptive when going by memory alone, reddit hordes came up with . And sure enough, it's growing, albeit the changes are quite subtle. 

The cracks were quickly followed by a mysterious, cowboyish type of sign that said "Welcome to the Lodge", although it has since disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. Instead, there's a large crack appearing on the man lodge, similarly to what's going on with the motel sign near Anarchy Acres.

Much like , there's no shortage of theories, most of them agreeing that Epic is readying portals of some sort. Some users speculate that we'll see portals for quick travel around the map, while others think Epic is just oiling us up for a Western-themed Season 5 of Fortnite.

Data miners have been digging around Fortnite's data files for a while now and one of their recent efforts uncovered a bunch of Wild West themed cosmetics and assets. Apparently, they've found more than 200 individual items, even though many of them seem pretty generic to be honest.

AnarchyDT, reddit A picture of a timer on a rocket in Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite

Nevertheless, we pity the poor soul who decides to spoil Fortnite's Season 5 groove, because the last one that did so is paying a dear price for oversharing stuff with his friend. Obviously, it pays to take and if you happen to put your legal consent on a non-disclosure agreement with Epic Mega Games, you better watch who you're talking to. Yeah, Epic Mega Games, we're not goldfish, sheesh.

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