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Fortnite's Twitch figures skyrocket, leaves PUBG and LoL in the dust

Published: 08:41, 07 March 2018
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Fortnite: Battle Royale: Screeee!

Epic's put a lot of effort into Fortnite: Battle Royale and the results are showing. Namely, the game's latest Twitch numbers mean that Fortnite has wiped the floor with PUBG and League of Legends. LOL.

According to sullygnome, a website that monitors Twitch, Fortnite has enjoyed a sudden surge in popularity, which means that League of Legends' reign on Twitch has come to an end.

Anyway, we've been sifting through the statistics and we assembled a comparison of viewing times. The "days" categories refer to Twitch viewing hours in the given time period.

Of course, extending the time frame to a year paints a different picture - League of Legends reigns supreme and PUBG is second, without really threatening the former. As you can see, the landscape is pretty different and Fortnite's not there, because it is in eighth place.

Sullygnome Chart showing Twitch platform viewing hours for popular games Comparison chart

We didn't include the 30 days period so as not to draw salt from League of Legends fans - this is the closest timeframe when the game is in the first place.

Fast forward to any of the categories closer to today and it becomes evident that Epic's Fortnite is blowing the proverbial roof off of Twitch's equally proverbial house.

Epic Games An animated town in a crimson sunset with wild growth aplenty Fortnite: Battle Royale, new point of interest on the Southern edge of the island

In fact, in the past 14 days people have spent as much as 5,014 years and 110 days watching Fortnite. That's almost the recorded history of our entire planet. To be fair though, League of Legends seems to be keeping up with Fortnite somewhat, whereas PUBG is fighting a loosing fight.

It appears that Epic's recent barrage of updates to Fortnite: Battle Royale is massively paying off and it seems there's one more reason for the company to keep up the good work. Seriously, PUBG who?


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