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Tim Sweeney: We'd be honoured to host PUBG on Epic Games Store

Published: 18:03, 05 December 2018
Bluehole Studio
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds vs Fortnite Battle Royale

CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, recently discussed the company's upcoming venture, the Epic Games Store, when he was asked what many supposed would be an uncomfortable question - would you host Brendan Greene's PUBG on your platform?

Even disregarding the fact that Fortnite's current numbers have no challenger in sight, being in charge of the means that no game is a competitor anymore. Sweeney knows this and his response was, "We would be greatly honored to feature PUBG in the Epic Games store in the future".

Granted, Fortnite and PUBG aren't the competitors they once were, back when Greene's game was on top of the world. Fortnite: Battle Royale looked like a joke compared to the realistic take on the genre by Bluehole but Epic's relentless development tempo won that battle and then some.

Sweeney stressed, however, that there's no agreement in place to host PUBG at this moment and besides - Epic are still not revealing the lineup of games that the Epic Games Store will launch with. It's said to come with a "hand-curated set of games on PC and Mac", while other games and platforms will follow in 2019.

Asked why he thinks this is the right time to take on Valve's Steam, Sweeney said that Epic have been operating their own storefront for years. With all the experience under their belt, they're "ready to open it up to other developers". 

Epic plan to provide the tools for a more direct relationship between players and developers, whose pages will be "free of advertising for competing games". Moreover, content creators will be part of the equation and developers will be able to set how much revenue they'll share with creators who recommended a given purchase. 

Epic Games The Epic Games Store logo Epic Games Store

Sweeney emphasised that Epic will manually curate the Epic Games Storefront, rather than going for algorithms or paid ads, which is pretty ironic considering the damage bug caused to indie developers in October.

"We believe the ultimate vector for players to discover new games will not be our storefront but creators. Viewership of creator channels has greatly outgrown any storefront", Sweeney added.

You can find Eurogamer's full interview with Tim Sweeney .

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