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Fortnite is finally coming to Android smartphones this summer

Published: 09:00, 20 May 2018
Epic Games
Four new characters from Season 4 of Epic's Fortnite
Fortnite Season 4 Lineup

Fortnite's iOS launch met massive success, even during the invite-only period. Meanwhile PUBG has been left alone to rake in cash from the Android market but it seems like Fortnite is coming to sweep the rug under PUBG's feet once again.

Fortnite will retain the 100 battle royale format on Android, just like it did on iOS. While the Android version was in the works, iOS has been receiving regular updates, such as the customisable HUD that went live recently. It is safe to assume that all these quality of life improvements will be available on Android from get go.

This includes the upcoming voice chat, so players can complain in real time about other players winning the game with just one kill. That said, if players run into chat they don't like, they will be able to mute themselves or other players.

Epic Games' blog continues to describe the upcoming changes to mobile, citing stability as one of their primary concerns. Fortnite Mobile has been known to be prone to crashing, so Epic Games might want to deal with it as soon as possible in order to avoid a trademark lawsuit from PUBG.

Stat tracking is one of the most requested features for Fortnite Mobile and Epic have announced it should come during the summer as well, presumable on both Android and iOS. They did note however, that the feature will be implemented only after Epic are "confident the improvements are performing up to expectations".

Other improvements will include the addition of autorun and "better ways to fire" but Epic Games didn't elaborate on this part, other than saying that players will be able to manipulate these options via settings in order to see what works best for them.

Epic Games Screenshot from Fortnite Mobile showing the game's customisable HUD Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile download size is somewhat notorious, but Epic Games noted that they are working on ways to reduce it, while not damaging performance. Or even improve the game's performance in the meantime by fixing code in several places they noticed cruft. You can see the full .

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