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Fortnite gets Zapper Trap and two past locations in one

Published: 14:15, 03 September 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite's Motel and Floating Island in one

Just in case you're worried Epic will continue their unpopular change streak, worry not - today's v10.20 update doesn't touch mechanics. The first addition is a throwable consumable, while the other is a hybrid of two past locations.

As you can see for yourself from the trailer above, Zapper Traps can be chucked quite the distance. Once they land, they replace both sides of a wall with a shocking surprise, quickly transforming a bunker into a coffin.

Should you throw it on the ground, it will first build a wall and then deploy the trap. There's a 1-second deploy time, after which Fornite's new traps are active.There's also a 0.5-second delay before they fire, as well as a 2-second cooldown afterwards.

Zapper Traps shock players for 50 HP and these epic rarity items can be found practically everywhere in stacks of 2, with a maximum stack of four.

"The Floating Island is back, and it brought the Motel with it. Two past locations return at once", Epic wrote. The new-old hybrid location will be making its way around the map, and although it's floating - you can use its low-gravity vortexes to access it.

Fortnite has been on a streak lately, although it wasn't exactly a great one. Adding B.R.U.T.E. mechs has proven to be an extremely unpopular decision, but Epic said they thought it would be good score a few wins.

They followed it up with the equally as unpopular changes, which were rapidly after they proved to mess with many already established Fortnite manoeuvres that everyone's gotten used to by now.

It all seems to have cast a shade on Fornite's current season to the point where most players only wish for Epic to stop tinkering with the game.

Epic Games screenshot showing psycho bandit from borderlands 3 in fortnite crossover event Fortnite x Borderlands 3

Fortnite's v10.20 content update also adds a couple of prefabs to Fortnite Creative, and they're Flush Factory and Prison. Yes, the Flush Factory and Prison.

You can find the full v10.20 patch notes on Epic's .

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