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Fortnite developer accuses SuperData of 'wildly inaccurate' reports on game's revenue

Published: 00:44, 29 February 2020
Epic Games
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Just as the dust settled around blatantly inaccurate reporting on Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney's keynote speech from this year's Dice Summit, the company accused SuperData market intelligence firm of wildly inaccurate reporting of Fortnite's revenue.

Epic Games reached out to to express disappointment with what they claim are recurrently inaccurate reports by Nielsen's market intelligence agency. 

SuperData's report for January 2020 claimed that Fortnite's revenue has been gradually declining and has hit its lowest point since November 2017 , but Epic's spokesperson insists that their criticism is not aimed at any single report in particular. 

"We are disappointed that SuperData has repeatedly published wildly inaccurate reports about Fortnite based on what we believe is questionable methodology", the spokesperson said. 

Epic Games are not a publically traded company, which means they're not obliged to share any numbers, revenue or otherwise, with the public. And indeed, the company has never published any data pertaining to Fortnite's revenue figures, which means SuperData relied on their own methods to provide the estimates in their monthly reports. 

Epic further said, "While we do not and have not publicly shared revenue numbers for Fortnite, we will say that SuperData's reports do not align with reality."

SuperData, on the other hand, responded by saying they rely on a "proven methodology and validation process", insisting that they fully stand behind their reports on Fortnite numbers. 

Unfortunately for the general public, this is a case of Epic's words against SuperData's. It's pointless to even speculate on who is in the right here, because Fortnite's revenue figures are as much of a mystery to us as SuperData's methodology. 

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We can only say that it's extremely disappointing to hear about such bouts within the gaming industry. Sweeney's admirable and must-hear keynote at this year's Dice Summit has been twisted into borderline-diabolical headlines by various publications, a few of which were so malicious that they made a mockery of using "games" as part of their name. 

You can find Epic's statements and SuperData's response at .

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