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Fortnite coming to Switch? Korean Ratings Board all but confirms

Published: 14:23, 01 June 2018
Epic Games
Cartoon characters from Epic's game Fortnite fighting in the field
Fortnite: Battle Royale

Korean Ratings Board has uploaded an interesting listing, where they rated Epic Games' Fortnite: Battle Royale for the Nintendo Switch. The Board reportedly has an excellent track record with early reveals so it's just a matter of time.

It's fair to assume we'll be getting an official announcement soon, because Epic Games aren't the ones to be green-lighting ratings without having at least something to show for it. Heck, knowing Epic Games, they're probably done with Fortnite's port by now.

To be perfectly honest, if you'd asked me before I jumped aboard the Fortnite train what platform would the game be most suited to, I would have said Nintendo right off the bat. Cheerful colours? Non-violent violence? Goofing off galore? That's Fortnintendo right there.

Besides that though, the Switch was always going to be the next logical step for Fortnite. Unlike their Microsoft-exclusive competitor, and as of recently a PUBG, Epic Games made sure Fortnite runs on everything but the kitchen sink. And that too is probably the sink's fault.

Okay, I was stretching it a bit there, because PlayStation 4 is after all the only front where PUBG aren't fighting Fortnite, but that's one gigantic front. Even at the end of its life cycle, the Station still mustered enough juice to outsell the competition and set for any console, albeit with a little help from God of War and its record-breaking performance.

Naturally, ensuring a framework to keep working on a product and actually working on it are two different tasks, both of which were performed flawlessly by Epic Games. Despite PUBG beating them to the mobile market, Fortnite's free-to-play iOS still raked in than PUBG's combined Android and iOS earnings.

Epic Games Hands holding a phone with the user playing Fortnite iOS Fortnite Battle Royale, iOS version

All things considered, even if you don't like Fortnite, we all still have Epic Games to thank for the industry's shift from intricate blackmails of premium battle passes, clear example of which are and . Now bring on the Switch.

You can find the listing in question .

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