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Epic Games sued the leaker of Fortnite comet strike location

Published: 14:00, 25 June 2018
Epic Games
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Epic Games have sued Thommas Hannah on 07 May 2018 for breaching NDA and spoiling Fortnite Season 3's finale among other things and Hannah filed defence against Epic Games' lawsuit on 25 June 2018. Both documents can be found below.

Remember that comet in Fortnite that everyone was going nuts about? The one we all thought was going to flatten Tilted Towers? Well, it in Epic Games' elaborate plot to pull the good ol' switcheroo and the company surprised us with the Season 3 finale, where they wrecked Dusty Depot instead.

For the most part they succeeded but some players were left unsurprised because a certain reddit user by the name of "internetadam" leaked that the comet would in fact hit the Depot, as well as Season 4's superhero theme. Turns out that internetadam got all of his information from his friend Thomas Hannah, who was a QA tester under NDA with Epic Games.

Epic Games filed a against Hannah for leaking trade secrets, diminishing user experience and breach of contract. Now, the leaking of trade secrets and breach of contract are both definitely offences that should indeed be resolved in the court of law. Diminishing user experience may be a bit debatable, as players didn't in fact believe until Epic Games confirmed it with their official announcements.

The element of surprise may have been lost on the few that immediately believed internetadam's post but it remained or may have been even amplified by the players who were sceptical.

Hannah filed on 21 June 2018, claiming lack of sufficient knowledge or information to admit or deny the allegations on several points of the lawsuit, but he did admit to breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets.

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Epic Games mentioned in their lawsuit that Adam "internetadam" DiMarco claimed he would post more leaks in the future from the same source, but Hannah claims he was not aware of these intentions.

He is now seeking that the court denies Epic Games' claims for relief, any awards of attorney's fees resulting from the legal dispute and that Epic Games actually pay for the costs of the legal matter. While Epic Games may not be right to claim DiMarco and Hannah diminished the hype for Fortnite's Season 4, they still seem to have a solid case on the NDA breach. 

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