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Guided Missiles make an explosive entrance in Fortnite Battle Royale

Published: 14:47, 29 March 2018
Epic Games
Promotional image for the legendary Guided Missile Launcher in Fortnite.
Fortnite: Guided Missile Launcher

Fortnite is introducing a new weapon with its latest patch, the Guided Missile. It was first announced by Epic games on the game's Twitter yesterday and the patch to implement it is happening time of writing this article.

While more and more fans are falling into a Jetpack-less desperation, this may be a ray of sunshine that will make their day. While you won't be able to fly on your own, you can have a squad mate fire a Guided Missile that you can ride, even though the flight control will be in your buddy's hands.

Guided Missile will be doing the same damage as the one fired from regular RPG but it will move slightly slower, with the speed of 1300 units/second. These rockets have 100 health and with the lower speed it might be a viable tactic to shoot them mid-air before they reach you. This weapon will be of Epic and Legendary quality only and as such it can be found only in Chests and Supply drops.

Taking joyrides on these rockets can be fun, but they will be limited to 18 seconds, which is the time limit before they self destruct. Players who fire and control the rocket will be unable to move but they can leave the missile guidance UI at any time in order to keep moving. If they choose to do so, the rocket will continue its flight in a fixed trajectory.

This patch also fixes the  bug and the item has been re-enabled. Launch pad drop rate has also been increased by 25 per cent which should provide more mid-air fun on top of the Guided Missile. Grenade Launchers' appearance has been changed, to accommodate the Easter theme and is now called Egg Launcher. Functionality remains the same.

Epic Animated African-American character dressed in Disco style Fortnite: Battle Royale Boogie Bomb

Sniper Shootout v2 mode is returning to the game for a limited time, with a few changes since its last incarnation. Hunting Rifle and Crossbow are added to the weapon pool while Revolver has been removed. Ammo can be found in different quantities, with the loot Llama taking the throne as it yields 90 Heavy Ammo. Full patch notes can be found on Fortnite's official .

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