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New footage shows all three rounds of Evo 2004 Daigo vs Justin

Published: 19:23, 11 April 2019
Picture of the legendary comeback in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - The Daigo Parry

Evo 2004 featured many fighting games and top-notch professionals but it was forever remembered as the tournament where Evo Moment #37 took place. The iconic Daigo Parry now has a second point of view and all the rounds leading up to it.

Evo Moment #37 is one of the legendary occurrences in all of video gaming history and it refers to Daigo Umehara parrying 15 strikes from Justin Wong in just a few seconds, any of which could have knocked him out.

It is widely known on the internet as the greatest comeback ever and according to Wikipedia, some people are even comparing it to Babe Ruth's Called Shot and 1980 Winter Olympics Miracle on Ice. For 15 years, it was showing only the casters' perspective, but now another has appeared as Mark Julio the embedded-above video on his Twitter.

Fans' comments and reactions can be heard just as the situation hypes up with some comments obviously stating they couldn't believe what was unfolding before their eyes.

They weren't the only ones who couldn't believe it though. Justin Wong was normally calm and focused just like any other pro during a match but his evident panic after Daigo's repeated parries was obvious from both angles. Meanwhile, Daigo remained seemingly unfazed and focused to the end.

Ironically enough, Evo Moment #37 didn't happen at the peak of the tournament since it was a semi-final match. Daigo went on to lose the final match against Kenji Obata, although the victory may have been bittersweet for Obata since it remained overshadowed by Daigo's incredible parry.

It is a bit odd that Julio came upon the lost footage of Daigo Parry as the 15th anniversary of the event is approaching. As we mentioned before, it was 15 strikes that he parried, so it's possible the numbers are not coincidental.

Whatever turns out to be the case, it was enjoyable watching the legendary match once again, especially from a viewer's perspective. Make sure you are not watching the video at work though, it contains some profanities.

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Street Fighter V - Abigail

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