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Flagship Xbox games not supported by Quick resume feature on XSX?

Published: 13:38, 12 October 2020
Xbox Series X, coming November 10, 2020.
Xbox Series X - games stay 'resumed' even when the console is off.

Many people got their hands on the new Xbox, and impressions are being shared on a daily basis. There's a lot yet to discover about the new console, but not all are thrilled by it, it seems.

It was a busy last couple of months for Microsoft, and it seems that they are not done with new acquisitions , or with revealing new stuff regarding the next Xbox console(s). One of the cool features we'll get to use regularly is, without a doubt, the Quick resume.  

Microsoft have sent their next-gen console to many video-game editors, web portals, influencers, etc. and it looks like all of them are thrilled with the next-gen features and blazing-light speed of Xbox Series X.

As mentioned above, the quick-resume feature is a hot topic online at this moment. Why? Well, ex-IGN editor, Alanah Pearce shared her experience with Xbox Series X in a tweet, that says that "games stay ‘resumed’ even when the console is off." 

So, even if you unplug the console from the power and plug it back in, you'll still be able to continue your games where you left them. Impressive, right?

Well, you'll be even more impressed by this. Someone went as far as leaving the Xbox Series X console unplugged for a whole week, and when he plugged it back into the power, he was able to use the Quick resume feature and continue to play his games in the state he left them a week ago.

What's so impressive here? Well, someone's willpower not to touch the Xbox Series X for a whole week most certainly is.

Quick Resume allows switching between multiple games that are put in a saved state, which can be then quickly resumed at the press of a button. This also lets the user seamlessly switch between up to five games in just a matter of seconds. It is currently being shown with backward-compatible games and it seemed everything was working flawlessly until one user didn't share his experience.

Twitter Xbox Series X quick resume demo failed to start Halo MCC Xbox Quick resume issue

The twitter user called AidenMux shared his frustration with the Quick resume feature, as not all games are supported, he said. It wouldn't be that strange as it is an early build, but the games in question are all Microsoft exclusives. See the video below:

It really gets you thinking are all influencers being honest with their early impressions, or are some of them just playing along for the free XSX?

The latest news regarding the Xbox Series X is the leaked photo floating around the internet, showing pallets of Xboxes ready to ship to retailers and at the end, to the final consumer - you. 

Twitter Xbox Series X boxes spotted in a warehouse Xbox Series X boxes spotted in a warehouse

The back of the box is showing the biggest Xbox star, Master Chief, which is expected, but also weird in a way because Halo Infinite was delayed not long after official gameplay was shown.

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