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Battlefield V Trial by Fire update introduces first Elites

Published: 18:08, 29 April 2019
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Battlefield V Trial by Fire update, scheduled to drop on Tuesday - 30 April 2019 is bringing the first two Elites named Seamus and Ernst. Elites are Battlefield V's unique looking soldiers with special voices, clothes and melee weapons.

EA and DICE are introducing new cosmetic items to Battlefield V in the upcoming update, scheduled to drop tomorrow - 30 April 2019. According to the official patch notes, the update will add cosmetic items named Elites, which are unique looking soldiers that can be purchased with Battlefield Currency, which is obtainable with real-world money.

Each Elite will have its unique name and background and they consist of a themed assortment of cosmetics, character voice-overs, animations, and a Special Assignment. Elites play like standard soldiers and do not grant any type of gameplay advantage over those who don't use them. The two elites coming in the upcoming update are named Seamus and Ernst.

Seamus Byrne is described as "strong and anything but silent" and he fights for Allies. His signature weapon is named Lever Pipe. Ernst Schuber is Axis soldier and Dice describe him as "cold, calculated, and always in control". Ernst's signature weapon is K98 Bayonet.

While these two fancy looking soldiers are the highlight of the upcoming patch, there are also a lot of other tweaks, fixes and changes that are included in the update. According to Dice, the patch will add a couple of enhancements to Firestorm, changes to Grand Operation Battle of Hannut, Landing rolls and soldier animation and big rebalance to the Blenheim.

In Firestrom, Dice added a brand new victory screen, after players' feedback, and an issue that was letting players leave and rejoin a game through their squads has finally been addressed.

Furthermore, you'll be able to use weapons and gadgets while in the Schwimmwagen passenger seat if you entered it while being in the water. Also, if you noticed that dead players appear alive while prone, you'll be happy to hear that Dice fixed the issue that caused this.

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The full patch notes include a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks and you can check them all in Dice's .

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