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Suffering from success: sales of Final Fantasy XIV suspended by Square Enix

Published: 08:58, 16 December 2021
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix and Naoki Yoshida have the Internet in a tizzy this morning as they announced the temporary suspension of Final Fantasy XIV sales and free trials.

Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV addressed the fans in a recently posted letter saying that, among other things, the company will suspend sales of Final Fantasy XIV due to the ongoing server congestion. The fans have taken to Twitter and myriad other social forums to congratulate Yoshida on the game's runaway success and one photo, in particular, has become synonymous with the current Final Fantasy frenzy.

The Internet Final Fantasy XIV - too much success Final Fantasy XIV - too much success

The congestion of Final Fantasy XIV servers has been occurring for nearly two weeks. The players have continuously been experiencing significant wait times when trying to log on since the game went into Early Access and Endwalker officially launched. Yoshida shared that Square Enix' Final Fantasy team has some new content aimed at the currently known issues to roll out in the coming patches and that they are temporarily suspending delivery of package versions as well as sales of Final Fantasy XIV digital editions.

Game time compensation for players

Yoshida apologised for the long wait times and announced that all players will be getting an additional 14 days of game time, on top of the recently revealed seven. The additional game time will apply to all players (even those with multiple accounts) who own the full version of Final Fantasy XIV and an active subscription as of Tuesday, December 21, at 8:00 a.m. GMT (12:00 a.m. PST).

The solution to the long wait times

The high demand for Final Fantasy XIV has exceeded the servers' capacity and created long wait times. To remedy the situation, Square Enix decided to halt the sale and delivery of Final Fantasy XIV Starter and Complete editions. 

Players with an active subscription currently have the priority while logging and Free Trial players are having trouble, especially during peak hours so new registrations for the Free Trial are also suspended for the time being. Square Enix plans to slowly bring back all of the suspended services over the coming days. 

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV player numbers are higher than ever Final Fantasy XIV

Error 2002

Square Enix identified a bug that hitched a ride on a login-related program created back in FFXIV version 1.0. The fix for the specific issue is ready to go but the maintenance will require patching the game client and will be deployed along with Patch 6.01, scheduled to roll out on Tuesday, December 21.

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