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Felwinter's Lie finally makes it to Destiny 2, has the longest shotgun range

Published: 00:57, 22 May 2020
Destiny 2 - Iron Banner Armour unique to Season 8
Destiny 2 - Iron Banner Armour unique to Season 8

The Lie quest has finally been cleansed of bug infestation and everyone is grabbing Felwinter's Lie now. It outperforms the other shotguns but not as much as it did in the original Destiny.

Felwinter's Lie is finally here after all the rocks in its road. Bungie initially hoped the community would do nine million Seraph Tower events, the players spoke out and simply didn't bother. The devs then introduced 500 per cent boost for the progress over regular days and 1,000 per cent over the weekend, which saw the challenge conquered.

However, the players were then met with a grind that required 1,000 shotgun kills, once again prevailing but they were stonewalled by a bug that blocked further progress. It was lifted on May 21 and Crucible will probably go down the drain now.

Felwinter's Lie easily outperforms the crowd-favourite Mindbender's Ambition since it sports an improved version of Aggressive Frame along with perfect perks that can be switched on the fly. The rolls are static.

The two key trees offer the choice between:

  • Quickdraw or Slideshot
  • Opening Shot or Vorpal Weapon

Quickdraw and Slideshot are both highly sought after on Aggressive shotguns and it's usually the former that is favoured. However, since Felwinter's Lie pops people at nine metres with Opening Shot, it means that Slideshot has the potential to give it the longest one-hit kill potential out of any shotgun in the game, including the slug shotties. Imagine the horror of Antaeus Wards coupled with this weapon.

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Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy

Switching Opening Shot is not something one would consider lightly but doing so gives the potential to shoot and melee a Guardian using their Super for an almost instant kill. No other shotgun can do this since only CQC-12 Seraph can roll Vorpal Weapon. In other words, it might be worth switching to this perk when you are expecting enemies to pop their super.

Besides that, ther quest adds a nice bit of lore regarding Felwinter, Rasputin, Iron Lords and SIVA which the fans will likely want to sink their teeth into.

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