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Far Cry 6 post-launch content roadmap looks impressive

Published: 15:42, 10 September 2021
Far Cry 6 roadmap
Far Cry 6 roadmap

Ubisoft have just dropped the official post-launch content roadmap for Far Cry 6 and we have to say, it does look pretty juicy with some surprising crossover events.

It looks like Far Cry 6 will be absolutely packed with content after launch. Ubisoft have today revealed the post-launch content roadmap which includes a huge number of events and some big surprises. Without further ado, let's check everything that will be coming to Far Cry 6 after launch.

The Far Cry 6 Season Pass is included with the Far Cry 6 Gold, Ultimate and Collector Editions, and is available for purchase separately. The Season Pass includes: 

Three DLC episodes, playable solo or co-op with a friend – even if they do not own the Season Pass.

  • Episode 1: "Vaas: Insanity" - release in November 2021.
  • Episode 2: "Pagan: Control" - release in January 2022.
  • Episode 3: "Joseph: Collapse" - release in March 2022.

 On top of this PC Season Pass holders will receive the original Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon from 2013, while console and Stadia players will receive Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Classic Edition.

 The Blood Dragon Set, which includes seven items usable in the Far Cry 6 main game:

  • One outfit: Blood Dragon Gear Set
  • Two weapons: AJM9 and Kobracon
  • One vehicle: Omega Enforcer
  • One weapon charm: KillStar
  • One Fang for Hire: K-9000
  • One vehicle Chibi: Blood Dragon Chibi

Ubisoft also have a ton of weekly challenges that can be played both solo and in two-player co-op:

  • Weekly insurgencies: Every week starting from launch – partisans of Antón Castillo will rise across the island of Yara and pose new threats for players to eliminate. Players will need to track them down and upon completion, they can also earn some new gear updates.
  • 6 Special Operations: Players must snatch highly unstable chemical weapons from Antón’s arms dealers and get to the extraction point before it overheats. First two locations – Mesozoico and Maceo – will be available at launch and other 4 maps will be upcoming additionally.
  • 3 crossover missions featuring guest stars and beloved brands – Danny Trejo, Rambo and Stranger Things.
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