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Far Cry 5 review round up - is Ubisoft's new open world game all that?

Published: 16:14, 26 March 2018
A car driving through Montana
Far Cry 5

Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 is out and we've set out to scour the seemingly endless stream of reviews so as to determine whether it's all it was hyped to be. As it stands, however, it seems Ubisoft tried to juggle a lot and fumbled as many times.

Now as far as franchise instalments go, Far Cry 5 seems to deliver more of the series' established recipe - guns ablaze in interesting settings. To that extent, Far Cry 5 seems to deliver since everyone seems to be in agreement that in-game Montana is gorgeous.

Players are put in the shoes of a greenhorn cop sent to Hope County, Montana, to take down Joseph 'The Father' Seed, maniacal leader of a fanatical cult. Far Cry 5's progression is based around filling notoriety bars in order to bring out each area boss, in order to draw out 'The Father'.

Ubisoft A hand throwing a stick of dynamite Far Cry 5

the perceived refining of Far Cry 5's formula, both in the open world department and the organic feeling progression. Furthermore, they greeted reintroduction of 'no minimap' and specialists, both of which were missing since Far Cry 2. 

Unfortunately, most outlets agree that it's the story line where Far Cry 5 went wrong, or to be more precise - decided not to do right. Note the distinction here. to be game breaking, seeing as how the storyline does very little to reinforce gameplay itself.

Ubisoft Man with raised hands to the sky, with several people behind him Far Cry 5 - Inside Eden's Gate

Far Cry 5's subject matter deals with cultism and even the state of rural America to a certain extent, both of which are virtual gold mines for any story. Well, any other than Ubisoft's.

Most outlets agree that it seems Far Cry 5's story was set up so as to tackle issues of importance, without actually getting to the punch line. This left the entire story somewhat lacklustre, with the story team juggling many a relevant, or at least interesting, issue, only to fumble each and every one.

The Guardian perhaps , saying that "Paradoxically, (Far Cry 5) is an extreme satire of modern America that says pretty much nothing about it."

Ubisoft A hunter aiming at a deer with a sniper rifle Far Cry 5

Unlike Gamespot, goes as far as to say that the Far Cry formula refining was more like enlarging. In fact, they think the only two changes to the franchise are ways how the Far Cry 5's world is explored and decreased focus on hunting.

All the outlets came down pretty hard on the three bosses, particularly the Dr. Evil manoeuvre that has evil guys trying to explain how evil they are. Apparently, you can't resist the capture and you have to sit through it, which already sounds like an excruciating experience.

Ubisoft Screenshot from Far Cry Arcade showing a man fighting a bear and a rocket is flying towards them. Far Cry Arcade - Man with a bat vs bear vs rocket launcher

From what we've gathered so far, the only good thing everyone seems to agree on is , and we're likely to hear much more on that in the upcoming months. After all, if Ubisoft can't do it right, maybe there's some next Playerunknown who could?

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Far Cry 5 - Inside Eden's Gate
FarCry 5 looking gorgeous so far.

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