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Far Cry 5 DLC trailer features Vietnam war stories, alien invasions and zombies

Published: 16:04, 08 March 2018
Promotional poster for Far Cry 5 DLC showing the upcoming DLC packages.
Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 seems to be going to Saints Row IV heights with its planned DLC packs. Ubisoft have announced that DLC for the game will be created by the team behind Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and the latest trailer is a testament to that.

Far Cry 5 is fully embracing the over-the-top tone originally shown in the Blood Dragon DLC back in 2013. The trailer for the upcoming DLC shows the game will throw players in Vietnam War, a zombie apocalypse and an alien invasion on Mars. Trailer narrator takes a satiric tone as he announces each of these packs in the '80s and '90s action movie trailer style. He almost sounds like a commercial. 

The first DLC, named Hours of Darkness will put you in the boots of Wendell Redler, an American soldier in Vietnam War. It will feature the standard Vietnam War movie clichés such as escaping capture by Viet Cong, saving your war buddies and M60s.

Ubisoft Screenshot from Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness showing a burning village during Vietnam War. Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness - I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Lost on Mars will be happening some time after Hours of Darkness and place players on Mars with the task of repelling an alien invasion. I'm getting strong DOOM vibes from this one, except the weapons are sleek energy guns, unlike the brutal and massive weapons from DOOM. Let's hope the soundtrack is at least half as good though.

The last DLC will be ''Dead Living Zombies'' which takes players to the past in order to destroy Skynet. It's not going to happen,I'm just poking fun at the name. This seems like it's going to be a horde mode styled zombie shooter. It may be worth noting that all the assets from these DLC packs will be available in Far Cry Arcade map editor. All of this looks unhinged and very fun to play with, but every coin has two sides.

Ubisoft Promotional picture for Far Cry 5 Live Events, it is written in white letters on a dark blue background. Far Cry 5 Live Events - Your intro to the in-game purchases.

Far Cry 5 Live Events will give players missions they will need to complete in order to unlock exclusive outfits, weapons and vehicles. Sounds good but also looks like an open door to microtransactions. All of these ''exclusive'' items are great candidates for a potential in-game store serving as bait for players' wallets. Live Events wouldn't usually raise any red flags but Far Cry 5 is leaning towards being a part of the ''games as a service'' model.

Season Pass for Far Cry 5 will cost ~£21 or $30 USD and depending on the amount of content, it doesn't look like too much for three DLC packs. Ubisoft is known for making their games better years after launch but at the price of buggy and downgraded experience in the beginning.

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