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Far Cry 5 co-op mode rated as pretty fun, despite lousy PS4 performance

Published: 14:50, 05 March 2018
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With most Far Cry 5 headlines focusing on the game's story and single player campaigns, it was pretty interesting reading the co-op mode preview. In short, it seems to be at least as fun as the single player campaign, if not even more fun.

Far Cry 5's co-op mode was previewed by the guys from Australian website and they found it incredibly fun, despite some minor and not so minor issues along the way.

Apparently, the open world of Far Cry 5 lends itself well to the experience of running around with a buddy. Nevertheless, they enquired as to why there's no local co-op option. Ahem. L. Oh? L! We'll explain later.*

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The preview was not without issues though. Reportedly, PlayStation 4 performance is slightly lacking, most notably when players find themselves in trouble. Ironically enough, this is when you need that extra juice the most.

To be fair though, we're looking at a preview of Far Cry 5 and not the final copy, so it's safe to say Ubisoft will look into this - after all, the single player campaign runs flawlessly. However, with the launch slated for 27 March 2017, they may need to pull some late night shifts in the company. 

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*Forgive us for the ironic chuckle - we swear it wasn't mean hearted. In our defence, the irony of asking Ubisoft, the company that helped start the always-on DRM disaster to begin with, to provide a local playing mode is undeniable.

Even though Ubisoft's promise of doing away with the always-on DRM dates as far back as 2012, the company's been diligently breaking it since. I mean, even Electronic Arts ditched it - that's how bad Ubisoft is. 

Heck, sometimes we feel these dudes would stamp a serial number on your forehead and tie you to the chair if only they legally could. What's infinitely more worrying, on the other hand, is that many gamers would, and do, let them.

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