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Far Cry 5 solo campaign will take a "good player" 25 hours to finish

Published: 17:35, 21 March 2018
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Far Cry 5

With six days left until Far Cry 5 hits the shelves, the game's executive producer Dan Hay said that a "good player" will go through Far Cry 5's single player campaign in 25 hours, although additional activities mean it will take more.

Interestingly enough, Hay says the devs have been taken aback with just how often players do "stuff that (the devs) hadn't really prepared for".

Namely, Far Cry 5 play tests revealed that many players get distracted by hunting, fishing and other activities. Naturally, Hay has nothing against this, since it only means more play time in Far Cry 5.

Ubisoft FPS view of people and objects burning. Far Cry 5

He also talked about the map editor and how its versatility lends Far Cry 5 relevance and longevity, although we'd prefer if we were the judges of that. After all, the devs were taken aback with in game behaviours of their players - imagine when they start digging around the map editor.

Asked whether Far Cry 5's tool set would be enough to replicate the likes of PUBG or Fortnite: Battle Royale, Hay replied in a somewhat vague manner. To be fair, he did say that it would be "super cool", but at the moment it's a fat chance.

Ubisoft American bison standing in front of a barn Far Cry 5

Hay pointed out that the tool set actually expands at a great rate. He hopes that Far Cry 5's tools will be more intuitive and easier compared to those of its predecessor, Far Cry 4. In fact, Hay said that Far Cry 4's map editor was pretty clunky, and we'd agree.

Far Cry 5 is on track for 27 March 2018 launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We've already talked about and , with plenty of trailers thrown in for good measure, so all that's left is to experience Far Cry 5 in person.

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