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Fallout New Vegas mod The Frontier has been released

Published: 23:25, 15 January 2021
Fallout New Vegas - The Frontier
Fallout New Vegas - The Frontier

Fallout series has been a fertile ground for mods since Bethesda took over and one expansion-sized mod for the decade-old New Vegas has just been released.

Fallout New Vegas is widely accepted as the best entry in the series, during the Bethesda era at least, and the fact that the game still receives huge mods, more than 10 years after release, really testifies to that sentiment.

The Frontier Team have released their massive story mod, The Frontier, which is  now available to download on Steam . Considering the mod is on Steam, you may want to consult the  installation guide for New Vegas mods on Steam , if you are going to download it there. That said, The Frontier is also on Nexusmods so you can let Vortex do the work too.

Just like the name suggests, players will go to the frontier of war between NCR and the Legion, the icy area of Portland, Oregon. There are three main missions that expand the storyline but there is a lot more to The Frontier than just that.

For example, the mod will add plethora of weapons and even driveable vehicles to the game. You can check out vehicle gameplay below. It's rather interesting that the mechanics are advanced enough that you can use the car to wreck enemies by either ramming them or straight up using the mounted weapon to shoot them.

Given the scope of the mod, it's not particularly surprising the size is also huge - it is a 12.1 GB download so be prepared to sacrifice some disk space.

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