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Bethesda are teasing a new Fallout-related release on Twitter

Published: 20:47, 29 May 2018
Vault Boy is standing in front of a screen that simply says "please stand by"
Bethesda - Standby

Bethesda have posted a cryptic tweet with a gif of a flickering screen simply stating "Please stand by". The screen was immediately recognised by Fallout fans who started waiting in anticipation, while Bethesda's Twitch channel lit up.

Bethesda's has been posted at 16:02 CET or 08:02 PDT on 29 May 2018. While it only showed the flickering screen, fans immediately started speculating on what type of Fallout content Bethesda is about to tease. They were right, as Bethesda's also lit up with the same screen bearing the same message, but this time with a Vault Boy bobblehead in front.

This fact only flared the speculations further as fans started crafting theories on whether the new release will be a Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas remaster. While either of these would be a welcome addition to fans' game libraries, it may be for the best if we don't get ahead of ourselves. 

Considering that Skyrim was ported to , chances are high that one of the latest three Fallout entries could get ported as well. Switch has been enjoying massive popularity lately and there is a real possibility that one of them might be getting a Switch treatment, #JustToddHowardThings.

Other doomsayers are speculating that the announcement will be Fallout Shelter related or even a Fallout battle royale. While Fallout Shelter announcement might be, although ever so slightly possible, Fallout battle royale is beyond any reason. Let's face it, the previous three Fallouts have been ridiculously unstable with just one player, imagine what it would be like with 100 of them.

Bethesda Softworks Screenshot of a vault in Fallout Shelter in its hive-like glory Build the perfect Vault in Fallout Shelter

Personally, I would put my money on a Fallout 3 remaster. The game's Steam version has been having major stability issues with even Windows 7, let alone the later operating systems. Bethesda have been stubborn in their refusal to update Fallout 3 in order to stop the game from crashing and an upcoming remaster would be the perfect reason for this. I guess we will find out in the next few hours.

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