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Fallout franchise was (maybe) one merger away from not existing

Published: 15:23, 02 January 2020
Updated: 15:28, 02 January 2020
Fallout 2
Fallout 2

Imagine a gaming world where Fallout and all the subsequent games never existed. This could potentially have happened if Interplay merged with Lucasfilm in the 1990s, according to Brian Fargo himself. Thankfully, we never found out.

Brian Fargo dropped another interesting piece of gaming history just as the new decade began. He tweeted a picture of the letter George Lucas sent him in the '90s, in order to extend thanks for the free copy of Stonekeep.

Attached to the picture of the letter is Fargo's comment, stating that George Lucas was to merge Interplay into Lucasfilm while retaining the right to run the show, presumably with more or less his own vision. However, Fargo declined the offer and the merger never happened.

As curious fans started asking what happened and why a potential deal never went through, Fargo stated the deal structure made no sense and Interplay "might have worked on Star Wars instead of Fallout and more".

Considering that Stonekeep was released in 1995 and the first Fallout in 1997, it means the offers of merging into Lucasfilm happened before the latter came to be which could, by extension,  mean that Fallout would have never existed. With that alternate timeline scenario, we would probably have avoided the burning trainwreck that is Fallout 76 but also a long line of great games - be it the turn-based tactics series that made Fallout a popular franchise or the mod-fueled games from Bethesda that are still kept alive by free content from the modders, in some cases a decade or more after release.

inXile Entertainment Picture of Desert Rangers in snowy Colorado Guess who can't wait to dig into Wasteland 3

The reveal from Fargo and the subsequent surge of nostalgia certainly made some people reinstall older Fallout games but it will serve as a nice boost to attention to the upcoming Wasteland 3 which hails from the franchise that originally inspired Fallout. 

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