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Fallout 76 dev shows off Wastelanders location Watoga Underground

Published: 14:43, 04 January 2020
Fallout 76, Watoga Underground locale
Fallout 76, Watoga Underground

Bethesda are doing a pretty good job in drumming up the excitement for Fallout 76's upcoming update Wastelanders, and each batch of screenshots seems better than the last. This time, however, it's not about characters but a new location - Watoga Underground.

"Watoga, The City of the Future, envisions a bustling, walkable metropolis where the streets are clear of illegally parked automobiles, traffic and hit-and-run accidents. The city is built on top of a massive series of automated parking garage systems which allow citizens to drop off their cars and store them until they’re needed again", the dev wrote. 

There are dozens of silos reserved for vehicle storage in Watoga, and Fallout 76 players probably saw some of these garage entrances scattered across the Appalachian town. 

It's a proper Fallout setting with a story to match, as the once high-tech solution for keeping the streets parking-free has fallen far from the glory it once had. 

As Bethesda wrote, entering your personal ID at one of the terminals would've retrieved your vehicle with minimum fuss. Residents could schedule maintenance or other work, or even buy new cars without dealing with people, but as you can see from the images, the facility's glory days are well behind it. Except for the 'dealing with people' part, we're fairly confident that benefit survived. 

"Watoga Underground is your home away from home! The waiting area offers a number of convenient services like fast dining, relaxation, a pharmacy… and you can even get a haircut while you wait", Bethesda said. 

Bethesda Fallout 76, Watoga Underground interior Fallout 76, Watoga Underground

Bethesda used the opportunity to announce the next Double XP event for Fallout 76 and the start and end dates are as follows:

  • Start: 9 January at 12pm ET
  • End: 13 January at 12pm ET

If you're looking for the last batch of screenshots, the one more focused on Duchess and Mort NPCs, you can

Bethesda Fallout 76, Watoga Underground control panels Fallout 76, Watoga Underground

You can find Bethesda's blog post on .

Fallout 76: Wastelanders

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