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Fallout 76 dev sheds more light on Wastelanders' Duchess and Mort NPCs

Published: 21:40, 20 December 2019
Fallout 76 Wastelanders, Lacey and Isela characters
Fallout 76 Wastelanders, Lacey and Isela

Fallout 76's highly anticipated Wastelanders update has been delayed to 2020 but only because Bethesda want to get it just right, and while we've had a few images of the upcoming human NPCs, now the dev spilled a few more beans.

Their announcement of the came with a handful of screenshots, and Fallout 76 fans took a particular liking to some of them. So, Bethesda shared some of the backstories. 

The ones you're likely to find first are Lacey and Isela, which will be a good starting point for new players. They'll lead them toward The Wayward - a watering hole encampment close to the Overseer's CAMP in the Forest, which is where you'll find Duchess and Mort.

"Duchess is the stalwart owner and proprietor of The Wayward, which she built and brought into Appalachia in hopes of providing an inviting atmosphere and stiff drinks to anyone seeking a place to recharge - for a fee, of course", the description reads. 

However, a number of aggravated visitors asking "very pointed" questions mean that she could use some assistance in figuring out what's going on, which is where Fallout 76 denizens come in. 

"As The Wayward's most loyal regular, Mort spends quite a bit of time there, running up his bar tab and lending a hand to Duchess when needed. Mort’s also got a knack for exploring. He has traversed a large swath of the Forest and has managed to figure out how C.A.M.P.s work." 

By the way, is it just us or is Mort Bethesda's nod to Deep Space Nine's Morn? Either way, he looks like a colourful character. Well, figuratively.

Bethesda Fallout 76 Wastelanders, Duchess and Mort characters Fallout 76 Wastelanders, Duchess and Mort

Unfortunately, there's some potentially upsetting news for players who are waiting for the Steam version - its release has been moved "closer to Wastelanders release in 2020". 

You can learn more in Bethesda's .

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