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Fall Guys produces the most adorable Doom Slayer in crossover

Published: 22:03, 07 January 2021
Fall Guys crossover with Doom
Fall Guys crossover with Doom

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital are continuing with crossover partnerships and Bethesda got in on the gig by letting them make one of their most badass protagonists into a cutesy Fall Guys outfit.

Fall Guys players can look forward to acquiring Doom-inspired outfits on January 12, 2021. Technically, the Doom Slayer costume was known to be coming to the game from earlier but the official trailer reveal is certainly something you should check out, on the account of this cosmetic being easily the most adorable iteration of the merciless demon annihilator.

What was not known previously is that this costume would be accompanied by two others from the Doom universe - one inspired by the Cyberdemon and one by Cacodemon. Still, despite the animosity between the Slayer and his hell-born enemies, these will not be able to butcher each other in the game since it's all about getting through the obstacles courses instead of ripping each other parts up.

One detail that long-time Doom fans will certainly remember is that the protagonist used to be called Doomguy or Doom Guy before being branded the Slayer. Now that he's in Fall Guys, it makes the crossover a rather interesting and nostalgia-driving experience. 

Then again, he is brandishing the armour from the more recent instalments instead of the one showcasing his abs as seen in the older games.

Seeing a jelly bean with abs, well that would indeed by a terrifying sight.

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