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Fablewind bringing back Fable The Lost Chapters as Morrowind mod

Published: 16:45, 29 August 2018
Tel Shadow
A view of Windmill Hill from Fablewind, a Fable mod made in Morrowind
Windmill Hill

While every publisher and their coding-savvy dog is out to make a quick buck with all sorts of remasters these days, some dedicated players go into modding as a labour of love. And in Fable's case, it actually shows, as you'll soon see.

Seeing as how Fable was one of the victims of Peter Molineux's over-promising, some of which promised open world that's great for exploration and even Morrowind-killer, it was about time we've experienced it properly. Ironically, the mod has been built in Morrowind's engine, hence the name Fablewind.

Another interesting point is that Fablewind was built using only vanilla Morrowind assets, which makes the end result all the more impressive. I'll go as far as to say that people who see creative opportunities where others see limitations are true examples of artists. To make matters even more ironic for Fable and Molineux, Fablewind uses Morrowind's music, which is one of the best pieces of music that one can hear, period.

Fable ended up being a much more linear experience than we were promised but Fablewind lets you explore the realm of Albion as you see fit. The mod is still not fully completed, since Tel Shadow, the man behind Fablewind, still has plenty of work ahead of him. Even though he seems to have recreated most of what Fable had to offer, that leaves a hefty amount of landmass to create, rather than replicate, since it wasn't there to begin with.

Tel Shadow is especially proud of his work on the Circle of the Dead, having nailed the atmosphere and detail to the last pixel. At the risk of coming off as a fanboy, you'd be hard pressed to disagree. That's not to say that the rest is any uglier, far from it. So far, the list of Fable's locations includes pretty much all of Albion, with only exceptions being some minute modelling details that are yet to be tweaked.

Tel Shadow Circle of the Dead in Fablewind, a Fable mod made in Morrowind Fablewind

With Fablewind updated every few days, we really hope to have a proper go at the completed version soon. If this piece happens to attract any willing and able co-workers for Tel Shadow, then all the better.

You can find and download Fablewind .

Fablewind - Fable The Lost Chapters remade in Morrowind's engine

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