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F2P portal shooter Splitgate has officially launched on Steam

Published: 19:16, 24 May 2019
1047 Games
Picture of players jumping through portals in Splitgate

1047 Games have launched Splitgate free to play shooter on Steam. The game is a unique arena shooter that fans are jokingly calling Portal 3 due to it using the same portal mechanics, resulting in chaotic shootouts all over the place.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a fast-paced arena shooter that will remind many older gamers of Halo, Quake and Unreal Tournament. However, it only draws some inspiration from them and is an entirely different game thanks to its unique portal mechanics.

Players are thrown into a symmetric arena with weapons scattered all over the place. They will have to navigate the place in all possible dimensions by using the portal device that works just like in the Portal series. One shot creates a portal entry and the other creates an exit, resulting in some creative map navigation and flanking possibilities.

Since it's an arena shooter, multiplayer is the primary focus of the game. Developers stated that anyone can play with up to 10 people which could potentially result in mass free for all firefights. In case there aren't enough players around for a queue, there is the possibility of playing with the bots.

1047 Games called the AI formidable but we haven't seen it in action yet so it is best to judge them for yourself.

While the shooting mechanics look fairly simple, Splitgate has an abnormally high skill ceiling due to the depth added by portal mechanics as well as the fast-paced action where flick-friendly players may see a bit of an edge.

Splitgate is completely free to play and currently the only DLC is the Founder's Edition that will provide additional weapon and armour cosmetics to the buyers.

1047 Games Picture of the first person view in Splitgate Splitgate

It's important to note that the minimum PC specifications seem to be rather low, requiring just a dual-core CPU, GTX 560 GPU and 6 GB RAM. Meanwhile, it will take up about 15 GB of your disk space which is also fairly humble.

You can check the official for more information and the few user reviews that came through just after launch.

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