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Splitgate open beta will be extended, release date delayed

Published: 23:18, 18 August 2021
Updated: 12:29, 01 November 2021
1047 Games
Picture of the first person view in Splitgate

Splitgate release has been pushed back as the developers 1047 Games want to work more on the title instead of launching it half baked.

Portal shooter Splitgate has enjoyed quite a bit of success so far even though the game hasn't been released yet. The beta test attracted a pile of players and the peak of 67,724 concurrent players testifies as much. 

On top of that, it's not every day that a game manages to get 52,251 user reviews on Steam and manages to come out with 91 per cent positive ones. Officially released games of the modern age often fail to pull such numbers and Splitgate did it during the open beta. Now it appears the era of Splitgate beta will continue for a while as the developers are not ready to officially launch it.

The dev team, 1047 Games, announced that the open beta would be extended which could mean the launch is postponed on its own but the fact the devs didn't officially announce anything about the release is sort of a statement on its own.

While they noted there is more work to be done before release, 1047 also hinted something would be announced during Gamescom 2021. They also said this would be big news so it's probably best to tune in for the show when it comes around on August 25, 2021.

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