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F1 Esports driver Cem Bolukbasi joins Formula 2 team Charouz

Published: 13:27, 12 January 2022
Cem Bolukbasi becomes the first graduate from Esports to Formula 2
Cem Bolukbasi becomes the first graduate from Esports to Formula 2

Cem Bolukbasi will race in the 2022 FIA Formula 2 Championship with Charouz Racing System. Bolukbasi is the first virtual racer to graduate from Esports to Formula 2.

Cem started his career in the F1 Esports Championship and after spending the last few years in the competition, Turkish racer will officially move to Formula 2, to become the first virtual racer from the world of sim racing to make the step up to real-world racing. 

"I haven’t really had time to let it sink in," said the Turkish 23-year-old as reported by the official F1 site . "I think the realisation is kicking in more and more every hour. It was a big dream that has actually happened, so it’s quite difficult to put into words, but it’s very exciting and I’m very happy."

The new driver of Charouz Racing System says that he would never have a chance to get into a real racing car if he didn't participate in the Esports championships. He is also hopeful that many other gamers will be encouraged by his success and keep believing that anything is possible. "If I can go from F1 Esports to FIA Formula 2, I think anyone can," Bolukbasi said. 

Bolukbasi will be returning to the Formula 2 cockpit when testing gets underway in Bahrain this March. The season is officially scheduled to start two weeks after the testing at the same venue.

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