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F1 22 will have pit stop errors

Published: 17:05, 31 May 2022
Pit stop footage from the latest gameplay trailer
Pit stop footage from the latest gameplay trailer

The F1 game is getting another layer of immersion: faulty pit stops.

Earlier this month, we got the info about manual pit stops that are going to be introduced with the F1 22 release. Optional manual pitstops will require players to turn in at the exact right moment, and how close they turn to the pit will add or reduce pit stop time

But in addition to manual pitstops, the game will also feature faulty pit stops, as we saw today on the gameplay features trailer.

Pit stop errors are a very important and non-neglectable part of F1. Every F1 fan can name a couple of pit stops that stopped their favorite driver on their way to the win, and no matter how frustrating they are, they will continue being a vital part of the F1.

Because of that, the new F1 22 will feature the first version of pit stop errors.

EA Will this feature expand to bad strategy calls as well? Will this feature expand to bad strategy calls as well?

As no details have been disclosed by the developers, we can only speculate on how the feature will be implemented in the game. 

Pit stop errors may be an optional feature for users that want to experience a full F1 experience, which could be turned off for people who don't want to get annoyed by Bottas Monaco-like pitstop sabotaging their race.

Another question is in what way will the pit stop errors be implemented during the race. Will it be a simple algorithm of chance, or will it be a team skill that can get upgraded in time to help avoid the chance of error or cracking under pressure?

Will this feature expand to the team management as well, to not only include pit stop errors but also bad strategy calls as we saw with Ferrari and Leclerc just last race in Monaco?

A lot of questions are flying around after today's trailer, as players are excited for the release that is one month away.

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