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Exo One's successful Kickstarter campaign story

Published: 20:08, 29 May 2017
Exo One

Jay Weston is working on his vision for a game set in the outer space. Exo One surpassed its Kickstarter goal of £20.300 today with just two days left on the count-down clock.

Games set in outer space don't fare well these days. Whether it's because the people are tired of them or they just aren't any good is up for debate. And no, I will not hold that debate here and now, and  yes, I know this can apply to any genre ever, but bear with me, ok?Ok. 

Be it an indie title or a full blown AAA game from a known developer studio with an already established name, success is never a guarantee.

Exo One is a game set in space, and it is under development mostly by one man, named Jay Weston, under the studio name Exbleative. His game has been on Kickstarter since the beginning of this month and it just surpassed its goal of £20.300. 

Exbleative Exo One Exo One

"Exo One is a surreal, momentum-based, exoplanetary exploration game coming to Windows" in which you get to pilot an alien space craft that can manipulate the laws of gravity. That's always fun. Now the technology for this particular rule-breaker came from outer space but the test flight ends up opening a worm-hole to a new planet.

"In the early 21st century, mankind received a signal from a distant point in empty space, light-years from any star. The signal contained plans for an alien craft, which humanity soon built. We called it, 'EXO ONE', 'Exo' meaning 'external' or 'from outside', 'One' referring to the first craft of its kind.

During a regular trial run in a hidden, underground facility, the test-pilot inadvertently triggered a wormhole to open, pulling EXO ONE through to places unknown."

Exbleative Exo One Exo One

Now the game's story is told "partly through the player's strange encounters on the surfaces of each exoplanet, and partly through a future-historian, who delivers smooth voice-over narration interspersed throughout the game". Does everyone immediately think of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or is that just me.

Well, if you're interested, you can go support Mr Weston and also read more about his upcoming game right . Exo One is set to hit Steam in the early 2018.

Exbleative Exo One Exo One

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