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EVO Online 2020 cancelled after pretty much everyone pulled out

Published: 17:11, 03 July 2020
EVO 2020
Picture of EVO 2020 lineup
EVO 2020 lineup

Fighting games' premier event of the year, EVO, was initially meant to be held online but it has been cancelled after pretty much all games pulled out of the lineup.

Coronavirus caused many events to be cancelled or switch to being in digital format. The idea was the same for EVO 2020 as the organisers wanted to hold it online, although people immediately started asking what the Street Fighter tournament would be like, given the game's poor netcode.

They will not have to find out as EVO Online has been cancelled entirely. It is not connected to SF's online issues but rather to the allegations of sexual misconduct by CEO Joey "Wiz" Cuellar. Several people came out citing his predatory behaviour toward teenage boys, which resulted in several companies distancing themselves from the tournament.

With Capcom , NetherRealm Studios and Bandai Namco pulling out, EVO Online was fresh out of heavy hitters for the tournament and it was only a matter of time when the organisers would announce it would be cancelled. The answer came within two hours of losing the participants and the PR disaster instigated by the allegations.

EVO started working on severing ties with Cuellar and his connection to the tournament has been cut immediately. Tony Cannon will be the new CEO and refunds are being issued to those who purchased a badge.

Meanwhile, Cuellar posted an apology on Twitter, stating he did things he's "not proud of" but didn't directly address any of the allegations and didn't explicitly admit to being guilty on any of the counts.

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