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PC gaming deals for the weekend

Published: 17:01, 15 September 2017
A female killer in a rabbit mask is carrying her victim over her shoulder.
Dead by Daylight - Somebody is going to get hooked

This weekend has a lot to offer in terms of free games. There are two free weekends going on as we speak and one game is totally free for another 24 hours*. There is also a new bundle available on Humble Bundle.

Happy Friday, I'm glad you made it. This weekend seems to be about free stuff. The Division and Dead by Daylight both have free weekends, Gog has some free games on offer (some strings attached), and Humble Bundle is giving away free copies of Psychonauts (no strings attached). 

Let's paste some links and surround them with text. First up - Gog.


For the next three days* Gog will give you three games for free if you manage to spend £11 buying games offered as a part of their weekly sale . The free games are Kyn, Tropico Reloaded and Breach and Clear: Deadline Rebirth.

PopTop Software Tropico Reloaded Tropico Reloaded

All three games are also a part of the weekly sale, so if you're planning on sprending £11 anyway, make sure you spend your money on a game you won't get for free. Did your head just explode? That was some top shelf advice. According to my calculations, this offer will end on Monday, 18 September.

Humble Bundle:

Wait for it: the new bundle on offer is the Humble Capcom x Sega x Atlus Bundle . The bundle features games such as Sonic Adventure 2, Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. The bundle will be availabe for the next 11 days* (until 26 September). 

Capcom Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Also, End of Summer Sale will go on until 21 September. Psychonauts  is free for a limited time or until Saturday, 16 September. It's weekend, so it counts.


Let's get the free weekends out of the way first: Dead by Daylight is free to play for two more days* and it's also 50 percent off until Monday ,18 September. Tom Clancy's The Division is free to play during the weekend as well, and it's 60 percent off until Monday. 

Dishonored franchise is on sale this weekend, probably to celebrate the release of the latest addition to the family - Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Arkane Studios Screenshot of some clockwork automatons in Dishonored 2 Dishonored 2

Bandai Namco is having a publisher weekend on Steam. You can score the likes of Dark Souls III and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for 60 percent off.

And these, my friends, are this weekend's offers for the PC owners out there.

*at the time of writing

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