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EVE Online players are on the verge of leaving after Invasions

Published: 08:40, 09 July 2019
CCP Games
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EVE Online

EVE Online players have experienced one too many changes they didn't like recently and are now threatening CCP with quitting the game altogether. The straw that brought the camel's back was the announcement of local chat blackouts.

Drifter invasions have rattled EVE Online's cage but it seems like it's not in a good way. The community found itself less than amused with these attacks since they both force the players to put their PvP campaigns on hold and fight an enemy that is less amusing.

EVE Online is known for the increased social aspects when compared to other MMOs since a PvP war can actually cost money and incur major in-game costs, putting more accent on its importance.

Drifters' meddling causes players to break off those engagements and start repelling the invasions so the important player objects don't get destroyed, breaking the game flow for the hardcore alliances that are in the middle of a full-scale war.

CCP then that the invasions took their toll on the Nullsec space infrastructure, which would result in a communications blackout. This looks like a nice bit of flavour on the surface, giving perceived importance to Drifter invasions, even though players are already repelling them successfully while not being exactly thrilled with the combat difficulty. Some are even it to World of Warcraft grinding.

Going further than just skin-deep though, the comms blackout means that players will not necessarily appear in local chat. They can opt in by sending messages but they will otherwise be undetectable.

In case you are not familiar with the inner workings of EVE, players can attack farming vessels that pretty much can't defend themselves. That's why most of the farmer alliances rely on local communications - to give them a heads up when an armed enemy vessel is approaching so they can grab their fighters and dogpile on the invaders.

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Without having a warning, invaders will have a prime opportunity to prey on the vessels that are not suited for combat, but rather resource farming. CCP announced they would issue blackout warnings 48 hours before they happen but that still didn't sit well with some of the most prominent figures in EVE Online community.

Many players announced they would quit EVE altogether while some of the more influential ones are trying to embargo Tier 2 goods by not sending them to hubs in order to starve the PvE economy. 

Neither move is there to repel Triglavian and Drifter invasions, but rather a direct strike back against CCP and the new changes.

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