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Europa Universalis IV revive Songhain in their African expansion

Published: 05:15, 15 September 2021
Updated: 05:16, 15 September 2021
Paradox interactive
Songhain is a possible candidate for a region powerhouse
Songhain is a possible candidate for a region powerhouse

Hello and welcome to the 2nd Dev Diary for the content of the Sub-Saharan region. Today we will continue with the expansion of West Africa and take a look at Songhai.

Songhai is the militaristic powerhouse, which will replace Mali as the dominant power of West Africa until its end through infightings for the throne and at the hands of the Moroccans invading from the North. As a result of that, the mission tree of Songhai focuses on militaristic advancement, the conquest of West Africa, and the expansion into Maghreb.

The second and third columns are classic conquest missions. With that said, the second column focuses on the conquest of the western territories of West Africa until you knock at Mali’s doorstep. The mission “Take the Empire Title” requires you to be a stronger power than Mali by having a bigger military, more prestige, higher stability, and more Power Projection than Mali. As a reward, you gain the Empire title and a permanent claim on every province owned by Mali or its subjects.

The third column focuses more on the “miscellaneous” conquest targets such as the tribe of Air, the Maghrebi of the North or the important Center of Trade Jenné. Speaking of which, if you are at war with Jenné and siege their capital down they get an event asking them to try for a white peace through marriage.

Paradox Interactive The choice you get after completing the "Eliminate the Mossi" mission The choice you get after completing the "Eliminate the Mossi" mission

With the mission "Contact with Maghreb" you gain the first claims on Maghreb and over the course of the two following missions, you will conquer Maghreb. Someone, while looking at the mission tree, might now wonder why the fourth column looks so empty though, and there is a good explanation for it. If you finish the mission of eliminating the Mossi threat,  then you have the choice of either converting the traditional people of your country or tolerating them for who they are, and even become their protector. Either choice will unlock a different set of missions you can pursue.

In all, this shows that the Sub-Saharan expansion will make its focus on creating the powerhouse of the region in a more complete way than it was possible before.

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