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Europa Universalis IV is starting to appear in school history textbooks

Published: 06:49, 16 December 2021
Paradox Interactive
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Europa Universalis IV

Have you ever been told to do something useful with your time, instead of playing video games? Or, perhaps, been ridiculed for doing so? Well, this now proves that video games are a part of modern life just as much as movies, for example.

In a recent Reddit post, one Reddit user started a discussion on the importance of transparency in history. That is, in a discussion during class, the topic was the influence of victors rewriting history to suit their own agenda.

Now, the topic itself is a deep one, however, what interests us the most is the fact that one of the sources of information listed in the history textbook, as an example of historical inaccuracy, was Europa Universalis IV.

Of course, the game was not taken in a derogatory light but presented as an example of the influence videogames have today, to the point that students are starting to mix up what happens in such games, to real-life events, such as HOI IV's 1938 start with the Anschluss, which is often mixed up with the start of WWII, in 1939.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis IV - Yes, smaller numbers are better Europa Universalis IV - Where else would you learn where Aqabah is situated?

However, it does prove that even things, that are traditionally thought of as serious compared to games, such as school textbooks are now required to take games into consideration when trying to relate to students.

As someone who grew up with videogames being considered a child's thing, this brings joy, knowing that our favorite past time is now recognized as more than just that, a way to kill time.

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