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Europa Universalis IV is getting 52 new monuments in patch 1.32

Published: 04:41, 15 October 2021
Paradox Interactive
The whole world gets a number of new monuments, comparatively to the continent size
The whole world gets a number of new monuments, comparatively to the continent size

This week Paradox shift the focus from the upcoming African content to the new Monuments that they will be introducing for Leviathan DLC owners, and that will come along with the 1.32 patch.

Now the game has 18 monuments in America, with 11 of those being new, 31 in Europe, with 16 of those being new, 9 in Africa, of which 5 are new, 45 in Asia, 19 of which are new, and 2 in Oceania, of which 1 is new. That’s 52 new monuments in total.

Developers have also offered us a sneak peek into the various monuments.

The first one Paradox show us is in the Americas: the Qhapaq Ñam, portraying the famous Incan Road System. This monument is represented as a buff for a united Andean Empire, and because of that, it’s on the most northern tag of the region.

The next one is Santa Maria del Fiore, one widely requested by the community, and one that Paradox obviously agreed should be included, as being so Stendhal-esque! They have added a nice modifier to it, so here you have this Monthly Splendor modifier that seems to fit perfectly with it.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis IV - Santa Maria del Fiore Europa Universalis IV - Santa Maria del Fiore

It was obvious that some new Monuments had to be added to the region Paradox are focusing on for the next Immersion Pack, and make them useful with the new content they've been designing. So, due to that, you’ve got the famous Rock-Hewn Churches at Lalibela, which gives some extra flavor when playing as Ethiopia, as it’s the first Coptic-related Monument.

In Asia, developers have added a bunch of monuments to India, as they felt this subcontinent to be a bit empty of Monuments in comparison to other regions. And in Oceania continent, they've added its second monument, the settlement of Nan Madoll.

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