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Europa Universalis 4 updates beta testing patch to a new version

Published: 01:03, 03 July 2021
Paradox Interactive
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Europa Universalis IV

With the arrival of the Beta patch, quite a few interesting changes were added to the game. Now the developers are instating fixes to problems encountered by the testers, and call for more fans to join the Beta.

Everyone that already opted in should have received the update automatically with no further action required. For others, however, the Paradox Interactive webpage has the required instructions to follow while applying as a beta tester. The instructions can be found in the developer diary section of the page.

Alongside the call for more helping hands, the developers are sharing the issues that they have worked on, to fans' delight.

In recent times, players have started noticing that history changes in the game with no input on their part, whatsoever. Complaining that this breaks immersion, as Europa Universalis 4 is a historical simulation, devs are focused on solving these issues first.

Changelogs, such as these, indicate that players' complaints were not imaginary:

- The AI will no longer automatically revoke the Land Rights privileges when they fall below a certain percentage of used governing capacity due to the usage of the privilege in the first place,

- Added a few more modifiers for the AI to be more likely to take the Land Rights privileges.

The first thing players indicate breaks immersion, is how easily, and quickly, Novgorod gains independence from Moscovy. This has far-reaching consequences, as the Empire never forms, becoming a looming force to the northeast, and Europe devolves into chaotic border gore, due to no enemy to unite against. It is just one example, of course, but immersion-breaking just goes worse from there on out.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis VI: Emperor map Does this map look historical in any way?

Furthermore, missions, previously unable to be completed, are now fixed, creating more opportunities for players. The game was straying far off its path, limiting the players' options of changing history, all the while the AI was not keeping the worldbuilding as historically accurate as possible, creating butterfly effects without players' input. In fact, that is the exact opposite of what the game was made for, and it's great news to see this being rectified.

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