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EU4 offers Ethiopia to go down a different path to success

Published: 01:30, 23 September 2021
Paradox Interactive
Ethiopia, as all of these countries, will have a lot of problems with centralization at first
Ethiopia, as all of these countries, will have a lot of problems with centralization at first

Ethiopia has suffered badly at the hands of all blocks of power, vying for supremacy in Africa. Now, Europa Universalis IV is giving it the opportunity to become a powerhouse in its own right.

The mission tree of Ethiopia has basically 3 major parts: the Liberation of the Copts in the Middle East, the legacy of the Aksumite Empire and the contact with the Europeans.

Let's start with the rightmost missions, which are about the Aksumite Empire and surpassing its old territory. These missions are quite conservative as they give you permanent claims over the whole Horn of Africa eventually and even some permanent claims on Arabian provinces, which are part of the Gulf of Aden trade node. The "Centralize the State" mission is more interesting though, as it requires that you reach the 6th tier of the government reforms or that you abandon your starting government reform. 

The Itinerant Capital mechanic and the Ç̌äwa regiment, are heavily inspired by ajsieg incredible suggestions, according to the developers, who is one of the people that frequent the forums of Paradox.

Ethiopia has some personal highlights as well:

  • A small event chain triggered by "Create the Ethiopian Navy", where a small fleet sail along the Nile and reaches the Pope,
  • "Modernize the Army" allows you to switch your unit type to "Western Units",
  • "Train the Cawa" unlocks Noble privileges, which reduce the amount of available Ç̌äwas in exchange for global modifiers. Right now, there are two mutually exclusive privileges, which reduce the allowed Ç̌äwa by 50%, but either reduce global unrest by 1 or increase Siege Ability by 5%,
  • "A Blessed Empire" is the only permanent modifier, giving -15% Stability Cost and +3 Tolerance of Faith.

Paradox Interactive Historical accuracy at its finest Historical accuracy at its finest

The developers are looking for suggestions from fans, regarding some final adjustments to numbers and map colors, to make every country have their own authentic color.

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