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Escape from Tarkov: Will Lighthouse expansion release on 28th of April?

Published: 15:48, 20 April 2022
Letter announcing new event
Letter announcing new event

Battlestate Games have been teasing its player base the past week with cryptic messages, which usually happen either before big updates or wipes.

Yesterday, at the Escape from Tarkov official Discord, the letter was posted introducing a new Event or an upcoming change. This is nothing new in the Tarkov world, as most in-game info between developers and players gets passed this way.

The posted letter translates to: 

"Chepushila, you won't believe what shit I got into! Raiders almost lurked me. Got me tied up in the factory, but I got the ropes off. Will tell you more in person. I am hiding in Lighthouse for now. Of course, you would say they don't give a shit about me, but dude, my ass feels like I'm being hunted. 

P.S. That trader ain't there, the one who sells the top electronics to the rich guys. hope there won't be any no-good stirrups with electronics now."

The trader in question is probably the Lightkeeper, the upcoming first in-game trader. He is described as a specialist in radio and naval electronic devices, so the meaning of the letter could be interpreted as the Lighthouse expansion is coming but without the Lightkeeper at first, who would be introduced later.

Players have reported no changes in the placement of the other bosses across maps.

In addition to the letter, a couple of days ago, Nikita, the C.E.O. of the Battlestate Games posted an image of the unknown hallway with the door number highlighted.

Battlestate Games Picture tease posted by Nikita and reposted by BSG Picture tease posted by Nikita and reposted by BSG

The door number is numbered 428. The room number could signify the date (although Europe doesn't use the day/month format), the door could mean an opening to something new, and the painting could be interpreted as a symbol for the Lighthouse.

If that is true, the players will finally be able to reach and explore the lighthouse itself, as previously you would get sniped trying to cross the bridge towards the lighthouse.

Along with the map expansion, three new Rogue bosses should be added and one possible new Cultist boss, although that is still rumored.

Other possible interpretations are that wipe is happening on the 28th, as it happens to be Thursday, the day when most wipes occurred. 

Another option is that we get a new video teaser for the Streets of Tarkov map. 

If you missed what are the new additions to the Lighthouse map, check it out below at a Battlestate Games video from Twitter.

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