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Escape from Tarkov: More details about the Arena Mode

Published: 16:13, 13 June 2022
Battlestate Games
Screenshot from the Arena teaser
Screenshot from the Arena teaser

The Arena was the most discussed topic over the weekend in the Tarkov community after the previous teaser release. 

Nikita shared more details after the Arena mode teaser, mostly on TarkovTV last Thursday. Here are some of the things we know about the upcoming mode in the Q&A short and straight-to-the-point format.

Will The Arena be a separate game from Escape from Tarkov?

Yes. The Arena mode will be purchasable separately from the base game, but will also be a part of some editions together with the base game, so the players can choose to have both, or just one. 

The players who own the base game will be able to switch to Arena quickly from the in-game menu, rather than having a separate launcher and having to exit one to enter the other.

Will The Arena-only players be able to play with full game owners?

Yes, "cross-play" between these two editions will be possible or even default.

How much will it cost?

The price has not been set up yet, but according to Nikita, it will not be high and should be affordable to most players, so probably in the range of 10€ or less.

How many maps will The Arena have?

The Arena should feature 5 or 6 maps at the release, with much more incoming. The maps will be both indoor and outdoor-

Four of the initial maps will be smaller, with 2 medium to large. Arena maps will be composed both from new and old (base game) locations. 

There will be both day and night maps.

Will The Arena have spectator mode?

Yes. The only question remaining is will it be accessible only for players who played the session and died, or to anyone who might be interested in watching.

How many teams will The Arena have?

Two teams for now. More might be coming, but the first iteration will only have two: red and blue teams. 

Players will not be able to change teams except in custom games, as automatic matchmaking will split players into teams.

Will there be quests and tasks inside The Arena?

The Arena will not feature any quest system but will have tasks from the main game, so a part of leveling up Traders will require you to do some tasks in the Arena. 

Jaeger will probably have some ridiculous dehydration kills required.

Will the Arena feature stationary weapons?

Most likely, but Nikita has not officially confirmed it, so it is unknown whether it will feature in the first iteration of the mode.

Will there be secure containers and loot in The Arena?

There will be no secure containers, but there will be loot on specific locations inside the map.

Will The Arena feature different game mechanisms (ballistics, movement, health)?

No, the gameplay mechanism will be exactly the same as in the base game. Nikita wants the mode to contain Tarkov realism instead of sponge fights like in other AAA titles. 

To what degree will the games be customized?

Although not 100% confirmed,  players will be able to control time and weapons (pistol only e.g.) for the games, but will not be able to alter gameplay mechanisms in any way. 

The amount of other customization is not yet defined.

Will there be a PvE mode against hordes of enemies?

Yes, but Nikita did not give any more details so it's still an unknown feature.

Will players be able to play with their main PMC character?

Yes. Players who own the full game will be able to play The Arena with their main PMC character, together with the gear.

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