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Escape from Tarkov: Dog tag event starts as dog tags become the main currency

Published: 18:15, 24 June 2022
Factory can give you fast dog tags if you can survive the shootout
Factory can give you fast dog tags if you can survive the shootout

In addition to the event, Battlestate Games continue teasing 30.06. as the wipe date in the third post since Monday.

The new pre-wipe event, separate from today's barter event, started in Escape from Tarkov as most items in Traders are now exchangeable only with dog tags.

Battlestate Games announced the event with a letter, this time in English written by the UN, explaining the normal order of business has changed (today's barter event) and suggesting dog tags as the new trading currency.

As an effect, some valuable items in Traders are now available only with dog tags, which will affect the market even more, as the Flea market stays open after this event as well.

What people noticed as well, is the third mention of the 0306 number combination, which is the 30th of June, next Thursday, and most probably the wipe date. The first mention of the numbers was with the Obdolbos stats, second in the newspaper with the boss event, and third today as the letter date.

As these numbers as placed in a non-subtle way, some players are wondering whether the numbers are a red herring, considering Battlestate Games is known for misleading the fans intentionally, as they did with the 12.12. patch as well, by placing 21.12 everywhere.

The weekend should be fun, as the player base is torn between people enjoying these Trader restrictions and those who hate it, and we expect a couple of more events happening during the weekend, especially the one with the Flea market closing.

If you're low on dog tags or don't know where to get them, we suggest going to Customs as a Scav. The boss event is still active at Customs, and has a huge flux of players playing and dying, with not many people looting them.

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