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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Season 4 is now live

Published: 14:02, 24 July 2019
PUBG, Season 4

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Season 4 update has officially arrived on the PC platform. The update introduces a huge visual change to Erangel map, adds a new Survivor Pass, new cooperative mission system and ton of balancing tweaks.

The highly anticipated visual makeover of PUBG's original map named Erangel is now live on the PC platform. The makeover is headlining the Season 4 update which brings a ton of new content including new Survivor Pass, balancing tweaks and more.

The devs detailed all these changes in their latest post and also showcased some of the locations on the Erangel map, which got a major visual enhancement. These include Military Base, Mylta Power, Quarry, Mansion and Prison. 

There is also a lot of other terrain changes, with new buildings, trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks all over the map.

Season 4 update also introduces a brand new Survivor Pass named Aftermath, which includes over 100 rewards. As you may know, you unlock these by completing a variety of missions and leveling up your pass.

There's also a brand new feature in Aftermath - a cooperative mission system where players work together to complete missions and earn rewards. Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath will run until 15 October 2019.

Additionally, the update brings major rebalance to many of the game's weapons and vehicles. Kar98k base damage has been buffed and Shotguns and SMGs should also be more powerful now.

As for the cars, well, you can now listen to music while you drive and there's also auto-acceleration button, identical to auto-run feature. 

Another notable gameplay change has been introduced to healing and boost items. You can now patch yourself up and gulp down energy drinks and pills while moving.

Also, Bandages will now be used continuously until the player fully heals to the maximum of 75 per cent health, or runs out of bandages, without the need to manually use bandages multiple times. Med Kits and Syringes will now stack in the inventory, rather than occupy one inventory space per item. 

PUBG Corp PUBG, Season 4
PUBG, Season 4

The update is truly massive and it also adds several UI/UX improvements, changes to the Blue Zone and some matchmaking tweaks. You can read for more details.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG, Season 4 by PUBG Corp

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PUBG, Season 4

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