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Telltale say they might finish The Walking Dead after all

Published: 08:48, 25 September 2018
Clementine protecting AJ from the Walkers
The Walking Dead Season 4

In what seems to be the last hoorah of Telltale's management, the company announced that multiple partners have expressed willingness to see that The Walking Dead: The Final Season is completed. As for employees' severance - what employees?

Telltale Games' sudden and unexpected demise, leaving over 200 employees out of a job, has been in the past few days. However, it now appears there is a chance that the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season may be finished.

"While we can't make any promises today, we are actively working towards a solution that will allow episodes 3 and 4 to be completed and released in some form", the company wrote on their Twitter account.

They also said that they're hoping to have answers to other questions soon, even though we all know that there's only one question that lingers here.

Let me save you a lot of scrolling - pretty much all the responses to this latest announcement can be put into two categories. The first are faithful fans who are extremely glad they may still see The Walking Dead's conclusion and/or that their preorders will not be going to waste. On the surface, this seems perfectly normal - the fans want what they paid for, from a company they paid it to.

The second are people who can't believe what they're seeing - Telltale are thinking about making a deal with another studio, while conveniently ignoring the ethical implications of laying off the very people who made The Walking Dead. Without severance no less.

Announcing you'll be finishing their game with another studio, while their severance is as imaginary as Telltale's moral compass, is just adding insult to injury. Heck, it's like being left at an altar, only to find out that the wedding is still on, just not with you.

Telltales Clementine's hat in the field crawling with walkers The Walking Dead : Season 4

What the ecstatic fans are yet to realise is that all the staff that worked on The Walking Dead has been terminated, to the last person. So in truth, the game they'll be getting is neither the game they want, nor the game they paid for.

Don't get me wrong - they paid real money and want a real game, which is understandable. However, what they're likely to get is scammed, just like Telltale's workers, who had poured blood, sweat and tears to offset the management's inadequacies and deliver everything on time. The Telltale we knew worked in a never-ending crunch, with overtime on weekends. The Telltale we know is out on the street.

Twitter Nick Monroe's tweet that lists the now-unemployed Telltale staff Nick Monroe's tweet lists Telltale staff that's seeking employment.

It is said that those Telltale employees who cared the most were the ones who almost drove themselves into the ground working. Cinematic artists reportedly had it the worst though, because they were usually young and inexperienced interns. As a result, they were overworked and underpaid, with a fresh supply readily available due to the studio's prominence.

As unbelievable as it may seem in this day and age, the abrupt nature of the move means that some employees are currently depending on fan donations to make rent or go back home. So you see, supporting Telltale's move won't get you The Walking Dead: TFS you've been waiting for. It will probably get you a cheap Walking Dead knock-off, at best. 

Telltale Games Screenshot from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season The Walking Dead: The Final Season...the conclusion of which we'll never see it seems.

God of War's director Cory Barlog was among the first ones that directly responded to Telltale's tweet, suggesting that they take care of their workers first. "I would be fine waiting however long it took to ensure we first treated those who worked so hard with the humanity and respect they deserve", he wrote.

Steve Avellone, whose credentials are too long for any article, joined in as well, focusing on helping many who weren't necessarily involved with game development per se. The wise industry veteran that he is, he knows well that best teams have the best waterboys. At the end of the day, they're all human and deserve better.

Games can be bought. Class cannot. I know because I asked Avellone to buy some, since he clearly has a lot to spare. Alas, he never replied. Oh well, I was going to give it to Telltale anyway. They're obviously in dire need of some.

You can find Barlog's tweet and Avellone's , where you can also find out how you can help.

TellTale The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Episode 3 "Above the Law". The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Episode 3

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