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Minecraft has sold 176m copies, officially best-selling game ever

Published: 07:46, 20 May 2019
A huge Mario statue build in Minecraft, complete with his red and blue plumber suit.

Minecraft's recent anniversary has already given us Minecraft World and a bunch of other information, but among them is a particularly notable one of 176 million sold copies, which puts the game and developer in some exclusive company.

Having debuted on PC via forum launch 10 years ago, Minecraft has truly gone a long way, and according to official data, it is indeed the best-selling game of all time.

The game is available on pretty much any platform you think of and you can say something similar for the age of players enjoying Minecraft.

Now, the game it had to beat is Tetris, and although its sales of 170,000 have officially been beaten, this data is back from 2010, and we reckon a lot can change in 9 years.

We're not trying to minimise Minecraft's achievements here, because it takes something special for any game to be mentioned in the same breath as Tetris.

That said, we're not sure whether any game will truly be able to challenge Tetris, as the game has spawned so many variations and versions, hardware and software, original and pirated, that including those would surely set an unreachable milestone.

Heck, Nintendo's Tetris 99 has alone been played by 2.8 million people since

As things officially stand though, Mojang's Minecraft is the best selling game of all time, with 176 million ahead of Tetris' 170 million and Grand Theft Auto V's 110 million. 

Mojang have recently made the first version of available for free, and you can fire it up straight . It comes with 32 original blocks, no enemies or mobs, and all the beloved bugs featured in the original. 

the , and if you haven't you should, as we're talking about a Pokemon GO-like augmented reality game that looks already looks like a clever addition to the franchise.

Telltale Games Screenshot from Telltale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story Mode

Needless to say, if Mojang find a way to marry the popularity of Minecraft and Pokemon GO, both of whom sport some mouth-watering sales/revenue figures, Microsoft are bound to be mighty pleased.

Minecraft Earth is Microsoft's free to play AR title

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Minecraft Earth

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