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Epic Games store now has a refund policy that resembles Steam's

Published: 13:05, 14 January 2019
Logos of the Epic Games Store and Steam
Epic Games Store v. Steam

Epic Games store made huge splashes as it barged into the digital distribution market. Some loved it, some hated its policies and the latter prompted Epic to update some of them. The latest update is the change to their refund policy.

Refunds are always a tickly question when it comes to consumer and company interests, but it looks like Steam hit the nail on the head when they chose to go with the now famous 14-day-under-two-hours played policy. Therefore, it is no wonder other platforms chose to go with this model as well.

Some of those who were initially enthusiastic about Epic Games store were disillusioned when rumours about user info being leaked to Chinese government popped up. Other users wanted a better refund policy, and now Sweeney and his merry band gave their users just that.

Sergey Galyonkin broke the news when he that the refund policy was changed so players can now refund any game they bought within 14 days of purchase, provided they played it for less than two hours. Unfortunately, there is still no self-service in effect, and users will need to go through support to get their refunds. On the other hand, Galyonkin confirmed that the company is working on providing self-service as well, which should save time for both Epic Games and any users seeking refunds.

That's not the only improvement Epic Games store received recently either, as Galyonkin that the store now supports 30 regions where it supports local prices, which translates to 130 countries in total. While prices are listed in USD, any buyers will pay in their local currency regardless.

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With a better sales cut for developers, Epic Games store has already presented itself as an emerging giant in the market, but with other features looking more similar to Steam with each change, the newcomer may be looking to dethrone the reigning king.

It remains to be seen how exactly Valve will fight for their slice of digital sales pie in the future, but maybe a strong contender will finally force them to make Half Life 3 and oppose Epic's giant, Fortnite. One can only hope.

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