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Epic Games and Fortnite overtake consoles, another record is down

Published: 20:18, 25 May 2018
The crater on Fortnite's map that replaced Dusty Depot
Fortnite, Dusty Divot

Beancounters at SuperData have rolled out their April 2018 report on worldwide digital games market, with most notable highlights being Fortnite's record console performance, God of War's record and GTA V's supposed financial downturn.

Apparently, Fortnite's performance in April 2018 has set the record for most revenue from additional content made by a console game. While we'd normally be inclined to disregard such verbal mangling as plain record seeking, Fortnite's records are well worth taking notice of.

After pegging Fortnite's combined revenue in March at around $223 million, Epic Games reeled in as much as $296 million in April 2018. If my trusted first-calculator-from-google's-search is correct, this is an increase of around 30 per cent.

Sony have managed to flog more than 2.1 million digital copies of God of War, which is more than double that of its next PS exclusive competitor Uncharted 4. God of War has had an April to remember as well, finishing as the in April 2018 according to NPD's data.

NPD's report mentioned that sales of God of War flavoured PlayStation 4 Pro bundles have driven console sales as well, with the bundle helping Sony to record breaking April sales of PlayStation 4. SuperData agrees, estimating a 44 per cent increase in console spending, where Fortnite and God of War are the usual suspects.

Interestingly, despite GTA V's and , SuperData are finding proof that Rockstar's game is on the out, after a nine percent year-over-year drop in revenue of GTA V Online. Apparently, Fortnite's stellar success and Rockstar's "dearth of significant content updates" are doing the trick. 

You can check out SuperData's top grossing titles list below.

SuperData SuperData's analysis of highest grossing games in April 2018 SuperData April 2018

As for the purely mobile side of things, Tencent's Honour of Kings has further solidified its title of the top grossing mobile game, racking up $185 million. In case you didn't know, Honour of Kings is the original version of the game for the Chinese market, which has been adapted for the Western markets under the name Arena of Valor.

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