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Empire of Sin will be released in Japan next year

Published: 17:47, 26 September 2020
Romero Games
Picture of some gangsters duking it out in Empire of Sin
Empire of Sin

Romero Games' RPG-grand strategy hybrid, Empire of Sin, is coming to Japan thanks to the partnership with SEGA. However, the release date will be a few months after the initial launch.

SEGA Corporation announced the publishing partnership with Paradox Interactive, who are publishing Empire of Sin in the west, which will help the latter's games expand to Japan and Asia. The first title to reap these benefits will be Empire of Sins by Romero Games.

This means the title will be released on Nintendo Switch and Play Station 4 in Spring 2021. In other words, it the current-gen consoles during the beginning of the next-gen's reign. 

Even though Empire of Sin is currently the only game known to be published in Japan and Asia under this partnership, it was noted that more Paradox Interactive titles will receive the same treatment by Yukio Sugino, the president and COO of SEGA Corporation.

Often described as a Prohibition-era XCOM, the game is actually proving to be much more with every trailer the devs release. So far, we have seen turn-based combat, RPG elements such as dialogue and character building as well as elements of grand strategy such as alliances and other means of diplomacy.

While the players get to choose between "only" 14 gang bosses as the one they will play with, there  are plenty more with whom the players can make love or war.

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