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Empire of Sin release date announced in a trailer

Published: 10:39, 19 September 2020
Updated: 10:40, 19 September 2020
Romero Games
Picture of some gangsters duking it out in Empire of Sin
Empire of Sin

Romero Games released a new trailer for Empire of Sin where they showcased more of Goldie, grand strategy elements and even announced the release date.

Empire of Sin release date is set for December 1, 2020. The latest trailer, seen below, announced as much along with more insight into the workings of Chicago with all those gangsters vying for domination.

Despite the turn-based tactics gameplay making many people immediately think "XCOM in the Prohibition era", this is fairly distant from the truth. Instead of just building up an ant farm base and shooting up enemies, Empire of Sin will feature elements of grand strategy that were seen in the likes of Crusader Kings or Civ series.

Goldie, who is the featured boss in the trailer, doesn't shy away from playing a tune on a Chicago typewriter when necessary but she is also adept at forming alliances with other bosses, betraying them and manipulating opposing alliances to make them fall into disarray.

In the example below, she starts off a feud between Al Capone and Angelo Genna by poisoning Capone's alcohol supply and blaming it on the latter. Sounds pretty devious, much like the political games you would see in the aforementioned grand strategy games but the gangster title doesn't stop there.

The trailer also shows a list of 55 bosses with whom one can make alliances, go to war or manipulate into unwittingly doing their bidding.

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